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Monday, 5 September 2016

Wazifa to got married in 21 days

Wazifa to got married in 21 days
In english:
A very powerful and effective wazifa to got married in 21 days. If you are in stress due to your marriage proposal no good proposal are come to you are not accepted,  so recite this wazifa Inshallah you will be married in 21 days.
How to perform:
1. Perform this wazifa for 21 days continously without skipping one day
2. Recite darood 11 times at start and end
3. Recite Verse # 1,2 and 3 of surah al imran 319 times
4. And recite all 3 ayat as a one ayat do not read them separately.
In urdu:
Ya wazifa shadi ka lia bohot mufeed ha. Agar ap shadi ka waja sa pareshan ho koi acha reshta nazar nh arha ho to ya wazifa parhy Inshallah 21 din ka andar apki shadi hojai gi.
1. Musalsal 21 din tak ya wazifa karna ha
2. Shoro aur akher ma 11 martaba Darood / Salavat parhy
3. Per 319 martaba surah al imran ka ayat number 1,2 aur 3 parhy
4. Aur 3 ayat alag alag na parhy bilki 1 ayat ki tara parhy

Islamic culture

Islamic culture
Islamic culture is a term primarily used in secular academia to describe the cultural practices common to historically Islamic people. The early forms of Muslim culture were predominantly Arab. With the rapid expansion of the Islamic empires, Muslim culture has influenced and assimilated much from the Persian, Caucasian, Bangladeshi, Turkic, Mongol, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Somali, Berber, Egyptian, Indonesian, Filipino, Greco-Roman Byzantine, Spanish, Sicilian, Balkanic and Western cultures.
Islamic culture generally includes all the practices which have developed around the religion of Islam, including Qur'anic ones such as prayer (salat) and non-Qur'anic such as divisions of the world in Islam. It includes as the Baul tradition of Bengal, and facilitated the peaceful conversion of most of Bengal. There are variations in the application of Islamic beliefs in different cultures and traditions.
Terminological use
Islamic culture is itself a contentious term. Muslims live in many different countries and communities, and it can be difficult to isolate points of cultural unity among Muslims, besides their adherence to the religion of Islam. Anthropologists and historians nevertheless study Islam as an aspect of, and influence on, culture in the regions where the religion is predominant.
The noted historian of Islam, Marshall Hodgson, noted the above difficulty of religious versus secular academic usage of the words "Islamic" and "Muslim" in his three-volume work, The Venture Of Islam. He proposed to resolve it by only using these terms for purely religious phenomena, and invented the term "Islamicate" to denote all cultural aspects of historically Muslim people. However, his distinction has not been widely adopted.
Language and literature
Arabic literature
Early Muslim literature is in Arabic, as that was the language of Muhammad's communities in Mecca and Medina. As the early history of the Muslim community was focused on establishing the religion of Islam, its literary output was religious in character. See the articles on Qur'an, Hadith, and Sirah, which formed the earliest literature of the Muslim community.
With the establishment of the Umayyad empire. secular Muslim literature developed. See The Book of One Thousand and One Nights. While having no religious content, this secular literature was spread by the Arabs all over their empires, and so became part of a widespread culture.
Persian Edit
Main article: Persian literature
By the time of the Abbasid empire, Persian had become the second language of Muslim World. Much of the most famous Muslim literature was written in Persian, from Rumi in Anatolia, to Nizami in the Caucasus, to Jami in Samarkand and Amir Khusrow in Delhi.

Wazifa to get back stolen or lost thing

Wazifa to get back stolen or lost thing.
In english :
   If some one lost some thing and stolen by some one and you want to get back this stolen or lost thing,  so this is a very effective and efficient wazifa, recite this wazifa Inshallah very soon you will get back that thing.
How to perform :
1.  Recite "YA HAFEEZU"  119 times
2. Than recite the below dua 119 times and do a dua for that thing.
In urdu:
Agar ap ki koi cheez chori hogae ha ya kho gae ha aur apko wahe cheez wapis hasil karni ho to ya wazifa intihai mufeed aur behtreen ha ap ya wazifa parhy Inshallah apki khoye howi cheez apko wapis mil jai ge.
Tareeqa :
1.  Pahly 119 martaba " YA HAFEEZU " parhy
2. Per 119 martaba neechy dia howa ayat parhy aur apni khoye howa ya chori Shuda cheez ka lia dua kare

Islamic wazifa for love marriage

Islamic wazifa for love marriage.
In english :
  Islam always avoid haram relationships and encourage those who love some one and marry him/her. If you love some one and want to marry him / her so recite this wazifa.
How to perform :
1.  Perform this wazifa after night obligatory prayer.
2. Make fresh ablution
3. Recite darood sharif 03 times
4. Then recite "YA WADOODO " 100 times and than "YA RA-OOFO" 100 times and then 100 times " YA RA, HEEMO"
5. Again recite darood sharif 03 times
6. And pray for your purpose.
In urdu:
  Islam hamesha haram relationships sa mana karta ha aur pyar aur muhabbat pa zor daita ha. Agar ap kisi sa pyar karty aur aur owsi sa shadi karna chahta ho to ya wazifa parhy.
1. Sham ko Faraz namaz ka bad ya wazifa parhy
2. Taza wazu banai
3. Pahly 3 martaba darood sharif parhy
4. Per 100 martaba "YA WADOODO " 100 martaba" YA RA-OOFO aur 100 martaba " YA RA, HEEMO" parhy
5.akher ma 3 martaba phir sa darood sharif parhy
6. Aur pher apni maqsaad ka lia dua kare.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Invocation for the safety from evil

Invocation for the safety from evil:
In english :
  After every bad or wrong thing there is hand of evil or Shaitan, Allah protect all muslim from Shaitan.  If a Muslim brother and sister want to safety from evil so recite the below dua on daily basis as much as you read.

In urdu :
Har galat kam ka pechy Shaitan ka hath hota ha. Shaitan insan sa tara tara ka galat kam kar Wata ha agar koi muslim bhai ya bahan Shaitan ka waswaso sa hifazat chahti ga to neechy dia howa dua rozana jitna zaida ho sakta ha parhy.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Invocation for when you find something become difficult for you

Invocation for when you find something become difficult for you.

In english :

When you are doing some work and you find it difficult and you thing that this task is very difficult for you to do. So this has the best invocation for something become difficult for you.  Recite once the below dua before start of any difficult task.

In urdu :

  Agar ap koi kam kar rahe ho ya apko koi asa kam mila ho Jo bohot mushkil ho ya apko lagta ha ka ya kam apsa nh hoga to ya faryad bohot mufeed ha jab ap koi mushkil kam karny ja rahe ho to kam shoro karny sa pahly 1 martaba neechy dia howa dua parhy.

Amal for love marriage

Amal for love marriage

In english :

If a person love some one and want to marry him / her on legally that every person can agree for this marriage so recite this wazifa Inshallah very soon he will be success.
How to perform :
1.  Make fresh ablution
2.  Recite "YA GHANIYU" 265 times daily
3. Perform this amal for 21 days continously without skipping one day.

In urdu :

Agar ap kisi sa pyar karty ho aur owsi sa shadi karna chahta ho wo bi kisi ko naraz kiye bager ap chahty ho ka sab log apki shadi sa khush ho to ya wazifa parhy Inshallah bohot jaldi ap apna maqsaad ma kamyab hojai ga.
1. Taza wadu banai
2. 265 martaba " YA GHANIYU" parhy
3. Ya amal 21 din tk musalsal karna ha